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Milk Kit 300 Kg

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For the operation of the device and the health of the animals, the Lupetta system in addition to the feeding device has developed an ad hoc milk in order to meet the needs of the machine, in terms of fluidity, and stability, but above all those of the animals in terms of digestibility,Protein / energy balance and anabolic power.From the tests carried out in our companies, the combination of frequent meals and high-level whey proteins favor rapid growth of musculoskeletal tissues without negatively impacting the development of rumen at the end of the weaning cycle.


Am I obliged to buy 300 kg of milk or can I vary the quantity?

Obviously, the quantity of milk can be varied as desired, but as the quantity decreases, the incidence in the cost of transport will increase.

Can I compose the box with different formulations of the Lupetta line?

Of course, what affects the shipping cost is the total quantity and not that of each individual product.

Will the card come in my language or only in English?

Of course, as far as the legislation on complementary feed is concerned, the tag must be developed in the target language of the product.