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Lupetta Lamb kit + Milk + Cleaner

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1 lupetta+1 lupetta clean 25L + 25kg of milk + 1 kit lupetta

Nursing machine for sheep and goats

Your solutions hit business goals

and allow you to "raise" your future?

In order to continue to be competitive in the breeding sector, it is now more than ever necessary to find innovative solutions that allow a healthy rationalization of costs and greater effectiveness of the company's processes, starting from the primary objective that looks at the guarantee of a faster and healthier weaning of the animal. Too often, however, targeted investments are usually, in a short-sighted way, done on the herd in production, losing sight of the growth and longevity of the animals that will guarantee the company's future.The most common mistake is in fact, faced with a period of life considered "unproductive" for the animal, trying to keep costs low, risking compromising the development and health of young animals.

What attention do you pay to the efficiency of your production processes?

A young subject, exactly as happens in the natural cycle of life where a mother takes care of her baby, requires frequent meals at a constant temperature. Careful and accurate management of nutrition can therefore have a direct and important impact on the company's performance, in particular on the economic return.

How do you intervene in favor of weight gain, greater productivity in future lactations and the correct development of immunities?

In order to maintain a high level of competitiveness, limiting the negative effects of poor management of the entire production cycle, it is essential to identify, thanks also to the countless technological opportunities, a solution that is able to:

-satisfy nutritional needs to achieve greater daily weight gains before weaning. As the most reliable scientific studies show this leads to a consequent higher productivity in future lactations;

- Preventing the syndrome of bad absorption and significantly improving the correct development of immunity for a higher level of health of the animals themselves in order to obtain a lower impact on health costs and losses of animals during growth;

- optimize work times and reduce manual errors through precise, customized and automated processes;

- constantly monitor the values, anomalies and the status of daily progress.

Lupetta is adaptable to any type of sheep farm,

but it is particularly recommended for the following uses:

Infirmary: Lambs with some growth retardation or with onset diseases need smaller groups where everyday competition is less consistent. The lambs of the big group also benefit from it and therefore are not forced to share a healthy space with potentially contagious animals.

Early or late deliveries: Conventional Automatic group feeders need a minimum number of animals in the group to be efficient.

Small / medium-sized farms: ideal for small groups of 8-12 kids / lambs, i.e. with numbers below those of the automated work threshold.

All this involves:

fewer lagging animals

less animal losses

The Lupetta milk feeder is a device suitable for installation in any environment, it simplifies the operator's work and increases its quality.

Characteristics and functionality of Lupetta Lamb

Milk always kept at a constant temperature set by the operator (heater)

Milk mixed periodically (mixing pump)

Unlimited meals with a 10-liter tank capacity

Automatic washing of non-visible components (4-minute washing program)




Why should I use the Lupetta detergent and not a generic one?

The use of products not tested on the machine could lead to premature deterioration of sensitive parts, such as pumps, valves and seals.

Is rinsing mandatory after washing?

Of course, although Lupetta soap is a low-residue detergent, it is always recommended to rinse the equipment with clean water after each washing with any type of detergent.

At what water temperature should I add it to wash?

The ideal temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees.

How should I keep it?

For the product to not lose its structure and its effectiveness, it must always be kept with the cap closed and in its specific container, and preferably in an environment at a controlled temperature from 10 to 40 degrees.